Chorley’s plans for both league and cup progress were scuppered by conditions last weekend.

The Northern league clash against St Annes was wiped out on Saturday, followed by umpires declaring Windsor Park unfit after their Nottinghamshire opponents were in the ground on Sunday.

Chorley was set to play host to its biggest knockout game since the mid-1990s with Andy Holdsworth’s Chorley side set to take on Cuckney in the regional final on the National Knockout.

Chorley have reached the last 16 of the competition, now known as the Kingfisher Beer Cup, for the first time since 1996.

In that year, Roland Horridge’s team reached their third successive final, losing to Walsall after triumphing at Lord in the two previous years against Ealing and Clifton Flax Bourton.

Cuckney is a tiny village of just 200 residents mid-way between Worksop and Mansfield and have had a cricket team since the 19th century club in the Bassetlaw League.

In last 15 years they have developed an indoor cricket centre which has coincided with a rapid rise through the league ranks culminating in promotion to the Nottingham Premier League. The match could be played on Sunday July 22, although that date has yet to be confirmed.