CHORLEY boxer Michael Jennings is set to end a frustrating 12 months with a title fight in June – and there is still the possibility that will signal the revival of his bout against Kell Brook.

Jennings challenged Miguel Cotto for the WBO world welterweight title at Madison Square Garden last February but since then has had only two fights, both against unfancied opponents with no belt on offer.

The 32-year-old won them in impressive fashion but hopes of fighting the highly regarded Brook for the British title were scuppered, first when Brook suffered an illness and then when Jennings sustained a hand injury.

The Chorley Lurcher has recovered from that problem, though, and has now been told that his next fight will be in June – with the precise date and venue still to be decided.

The bout could even be against Brook, although despite both being British it would not be for the British title.

“Dean Powell, Frank Warren’s matchmaker, phoned me and told me I’ll be fighting in June,” said Jennings.

“We’re just waiting for Kell Brook and whether he vacates the British title.

“If he doesn’t, he’s due to fight John O'Donnell for the British title and I’ll fight for the WBO inter-continental title.

“If he does vacate, I will probably end up fighting Kell Brook for the WBO inter-contentinal title.

“I know it seems daft that it wouldn’t be for the British title, but that’s just down to politics. I still want to fight Brook because I want to prove I’m the best.”

Jennings has grown increasingly frustrated in his wait for a title fight, having seen other British welterweights – most notably Ricky Hatton’s younger brother Matthew – given more opportunities and recognition in recent times.

“It has been frustrating because everyone in my weight class has titles – Matthew Hatton, John O’Donnell and Denton Vassell,” he said.

“I think I can beat all of them but I’m sat here with no title. Whether I’m better than someone like Matthew Hatton or not, surely I deserve a shot.

“I’ve been British champion, WBU world champion and challenged for the WBO world title.

“But there’s nothing I can do. I just have to wait.”