After a great win at home to Preston Grasshoppers Phil Callander's 2nd team had a very difficult away trip to Clitheroe, the same trip Chorley 1st team made a week earlier when they won.

Chorley were expecting a very tough game in the forwards and in the backs and Clitheroe started very physical, but the Chorley pack matched them up front with the lineouts functioning very well.

John Baker was strong at the front, and early on, after some very slick back moves, Simon Frost broke through the defensive line.

Clitheroe came back but with Martin Riley in excellent form.

He kept Clitheroe at bay and soon after, numer eight Tony Dodd scored under the posts.

Clitheroe came back again and scored just before half time.

With injuries and forced changes Chorley had to make quite a few changes at half time in the forwards and in the backs.

With some excellent play by the Chorley backs, centre Daniel Farrow scored an excellent try, his fifth in four games.

By now Clitheroe were getting frustrated with players and spectators getting involved with many fracaces, were Chorley's concentration dropped for a moment and let in Clitheroe again for an undeserved try.

Moments later came the try of the game, scored by winger Jonathan Morris who after slick hands, skinned three players with a combination of electric pace and excellent football skills allowed him to score his debut try in the corner.

In the last quarter Clitheroe were attacking the Chorley line but the defenced stayed strong with big hits flying in everywhere on the pitch including a try saving effort by young winger Jordan Jones.

After the game captain Phil Callander said: " We are battered and bruised and alot of us got injured but I am very pleased against a very hard Clitheroe team, we lost our composure a few times which kept them in the game which we need to work on, but three out of three wins next week and we are at home to Kirkby Lonsdale.

"Dan Farrow is in excellent form and Martin Riley is having an excellent season and I am sure win can keep put our good form to the Christmas break."