CHAIRMAN Peter Mockett was able to reflect on some ‘tremendous times and tremendous games’ at Chorley this summer, despite a wish for more consistency.

Andrew Houldsworth’s men signed off their Northern League season with defeat to Morecambe at Windsor Park last weekend, with Chorley making just 114-6 off their 29 overs to lose by two wickets.

The win for the visitors wasn’t enough to stop them finishing second bottom and being relegated, but for Chorley defeat summed up an inconsistent campaign.

It means they ended fifth in the table with an undoubted highlight of winning the T20 competition.

“It’s been a typical topsy-turvy season for us, it’s not unusual. There have been some highs and some lows throughout,” said Mockett.

“The high was obviously winning the T20, which was terrific. It was our first trophy for 17 years so that was superb.

“But as I’ve said in the past the league tells you who is the best team and which are the best teams, we’ve strived to be up in the top echelons but we’ve never got beyond fourth or fifth really.

“Along the way we’ve had one or two disappointing setbacks, you could say you don’t expect them but that would be a contradiction because I’m afraid we now do expect them.”

Despite the lack of consistency Mockett can point to plenty of positives at Windsor Park, although he would like to see better performances with the bat despite the efforts of overseas pair Wian Van Zyl and Gayan Maneeshan.

“It’s not all disappointment, we’ve had some tremendous times and some tremendous games,” Mockett added.

“The weather has been kind obviously and we’ve been playing cricket after 7pm at Windsor Park and watching enthralling games come to a conclusion.

“All in all it’s been a good season, I don’t want to sound too despondent. It’s just the consistency holding us back.

“Our batting remains pretty fragile, the overseas amateur Wian has done very well, as has Gayan the pro, but finding some consistency from our own lads is the difficult task we address all the time.

“You’re looking for people to breakthrough from the second team, we’ve got a crop of very good younger juniors.”

Despite the up and down campaign on the field Mockett was pleased with another successful year off it.

He also praised the members at Windsor Park who have continued to show their support to the first and second teams.

“Off the field we’ve done very well with a successful beer festival again and the club is stable financially which is another key part of the whole process,” he added.

“The other thing always to be mentioned with us is that we have a terrific bedrock of support with people who watch the cricket, which isn’t always the case at other grounds, and they watch the first team and the second team.

“It’s a great tradition at Chorley that if the sun shines and there’s cricket on people will turn out and watch it. We’re not complacent on that, we’re always looking to improve numbers, but we do very well out of our membership, they’re very supportive.”

Chorley will be welcoming Longridge and Kendal next term after the duo were promoted from the Palace Shield with Preston joining Morecambe in falling through the trapdoor.