Chorley Cricket Club have addressed drainage problems at their Windsor Park ground which affected the playing surface during last summer’s wet weather.

Prior to the new season which starts next month new drains have been laid on a section of the field particularly affected.

Chairman Peter Mockett, said: “Last season's disastrous summer had a devastating effect on Northern Premier League pitches, with two being put out of commission well before the end of the season.

“At Windsor Park we managed to struggle through thanks to the efforts of the groundsman and volunteers.

“One particular area caused us most problems and because of continued wet weather through the winter we have had to wait until a couple of weeks ago for the first dry spell to get on the pitch to do some work.

“Thankfully we have now completely replaced a 100 metre stretch with new drains and appropriate fill, and hopefully this will make a significant difference.

“With two top spin bowlers in our side it is obviously a great advantage to play on dry wickets as the previous season's results showed, so we can now only hope for a drier summer but with renewed optimism.”