BOSSES of a controversial tree top adventure course in Rivington want to install another zip wire —which could mean chopping down more trees.

They are considering putting in a new planning application for the changes, but are holding off for the time being because they don’t want to delay the opening of the course which is scheduled for Friday, March 27.

Residents in the area formed an action group, The Friends of Lever Park, and have objected to the way the Go Ape project has been handled by Chorley Council.

The scheme was given planning permission under delegated powers but residents feel they should have been allowed to object at a committee meeting.

A spokesperson for Go Ape said: “Our primary focus at Rivington at the moment is to ensure the course is complete in time for the opening later this month.

“In terms of rumours surrounding a fresh planning application, Go Ape had originally hoped to install an additional zip slide at its Rivington course.

“However, after the original application was submitted it became apparent that different trees would need to be felled to accommodate the zip slide to those originally anticipated.

“We decided to go ahead with the course without the zip slide included, with a view that we would look at the viability of installing it at a later date.

“We are in the process of assessing what impact, if any, the installation of a further zip slide may have."