A STAR has been placed in a town centre to remember a nine-year-old killed in the Manchester Arena attack in May.

Leyland Town Team, headed by Martin Carlin, had the pink star specially commissioned to commemorate Saffie Roussos.

And the star was officially unveiled at the town's light switch on at the weekend.

Saffie’s Star, as it is known, was designed as a tribute to the youngster by Richard Ryan, head of the world-famous Blackpool Illuminations. It was placed on top of a Christmas tree outside.

And Mr Carlin said it was an emotional day for the family and the town.

He said: "It was a fantastic event and we were able to do something very special for Saffie.

"The family were at the lights switch on and they were very touched by the event.

"And when the star came on, there were feeling of sadness, of joy, of satisfaction and everything in between."

Simon Grogan, best known for playing Coronation Street's Steve McDonald, was the guest of honour at the switch on.

But Mr Carlin said that it was the Roussos family who played a vital role in the day.

He said: "The came on stage and then went into the crowd and it must have been very emotional for them.

"But the town and the community have embraced them and we were so delighted that the family were able to participate.

"It's a beautiful star, Saffie would have loved it. It'll come down in January but it'll be put up every year as a reminder of Saffie.