A HEROIC schoolboy who saved his sister from a house fire has reached the final 10 in the 2020 Amplifon Awards for Brave Britons.

During the fire that occurred in January at the family’s Rishton home, six-year-old Kyran Walker, who attends Rishton Methodist School, saw black smoke billowing out of the family kitchen from a chip pan fire and shouted to alert his mum Naomi Bradshaw upstairs.

He then managed to get sister Kemi-Leigh to crawl on her hands and knees out of the front door.

Speaking at the time, Ms Bradshaw said: “He was pretty amazing, I’m really proud of what he did.

“He learned what to do a few months ago at school when the fire brigade came in.

“For him to remember all that was great - he was so calm and I was in a right panic.”

Kyran was presented with a certificate and a box of chocolates from impressed firefighters on the last day of the school year in recognition of his feat.

A Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “It takes a lot of bravery and composure to do what Kyran did when he faced the smoke from the chip pan.

“For an adult this can be a harrowing experience which could cause them to freeze and panic so for a six-year-old to act in this way is hugely impressive.”

Now in further recognition of his brave exploits, Kyran, who is autistic, has become one of just 10 young people out of 50 nominations to reach the selection stage of the Amplifon Awards Young Hero category.

The hearing solutions company has run the awards for the last five years in memory of company founder and Second World War veteran Charles Holland.

Other categories include charity champion and coronavirus hero. Four finalists will be selected in each category and the winner will be announced in October.