A fire engine has been smashed and police were targeted, in what emergency services are calling a deliberate attack.

On Sunday evening, one fire engine had its windscreen shattered when a group of people deliberately launched a 'missile' at the vehicle.

The attack happened when a crew from Preston fire station were returning from an incident, and meant the fire engine had to be placed out of action until the windscreen could be repaired.

This resulted in reduced cover for the area.

It is believed the police were also caught in the crossfire.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: "Last night one of Preston fire station's fire engines was damaged through deliberate missile throwing from a group of people while we were returning from an incident.

"This meant one less fire engine in the area and reduced fire cover for a period.

"The consequences could have been much worse."

Luckily no-one was injured in the attack.

The spokesperson added: "We have robust reporting mechanisms thanks to Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, the Fire Brigades Union .

"Preston Police were also attacked."