ALMOST 900 homes are without electricity due to a gas explosion in the Burnley borough.

Many in the BB10 postcode have been without power since 2.45am due to an electrical substation fire.

Police said this was caused due to a gas explosion in Brownside Road, Worsthorne.

An Electricity Northwest spokesman said staff are on site and are hoping to get power back to the homes at 2.30pm today.

The spokesman said: "We are sorry you are experiencing a power cut.

"We are currently investigating the issue."

A police spokesman said: "Please be aware of a road closure on Brownside Road in Worsthorne due to a gas explosion which has impacted upon an electricity sub-station.

"The road is closed either side of the junction with Daisy Bank Crescent."

The powercut has also forced Worsthorne Primary School to close.

Within a tweet from the school, a spokesman said: "School is closed today.

"We have no water as a result of the sub station fire last night.

"Please share with as many parents as you can as we have no internet and cannot send a text message. Thank you."

Two fire engines from Nelson were called to the scene.

A fire service spokesman said: "Firefighters worked with Electricity Northwest and Cadant engineers and used a powder extinguisher and thermal imaging camera to extinguish the fire.

"A number of properties suffered loss of electricity as a result of this incident."

Here are the postcodes that are affected

BB10 4PG, BB10 4RG, BB10 4RL, BB10 4RJ, BB10 4RQ, BB11 3RL, BB10 4BD, BB11 3AA, BB11 3AB, BB11 3BP, BB11 3BS, BB11 3BT, BB11 3BW, BB11 3BY, BB11 3BZ, BB11 3DA, BB11 3DB, BB11 3DR, BB11 3BN, BB11 2DH, BB11 2DJ, BB10 4LU, BB10 4LZ, BB10 4LL, BB10 4LY, BB10 4PB, BB10 4SL, BB10 4UD, BB10 4SN, BB10 4TP, BB10 4TR, BB10 4TW, BB10 4SH, BB10 4SJ, BB10 4SP, BB10 4SS, BB10 4ST, BB10 4SU, BB10 4TB, BB10 4TD, BB10 4TT, BB10 4TU, BB10 4SR, BB11 3RD, BB11 3RB, BB10 4SY, BB10 4TS, BB10 4TF, BB10 4TG, BB10 4TH, BB10 4TQ, BB10 4RH, BB10 4TJ, BB10 4TL, BB10 4TN, BB10 4HY, BB10 4RF, BB10 4RT, BB10 3LF, BB10 3LG, BB10 3LH, BB10 3LL, BB10 3LQ, BB10 4JA, BB10 4JB, BB10 4RD, BB10 4JE, BB10 4JF, BB10 4JG, BB10 4HZ, BB10 4HR, BB10 4HS, BB10 4SD, BB10 4HU, BB10 4JD, BB10 4JH, BB10 4JQ, BB10 4RB, BB10 4HP, BB10 4HT, BB10 4HX, BB10 3JP, BB10 3JR, BB10 3JS, BB10 4RA, BB10 3NF, BB10 3NH, BB10 3NN, BB10 3NP, BB10 3NQ, BB10 3PT, BB10 2LX, BB10 3LP, BB10 3LR, BB10 3LS, BB10 3LU, BB10 3LX, BB10 3NG, BB10 3AB, OL14 8QT, BB11 3RQ, BB10 3NA, BB10 3LT, BB10 3ND, BB10 3NE, BB10 3LY, BB10 4RP, BB10 4SZ, BB10 4TA, BB11 4PG, BB10 3HU, BB10 4LF, BB10 4LG, BB10 4QR, BB10 4LD, BB10 4LE, BB10 4LQ, BB10 4JY, BB10 4LB, BB10 4NN, BB10 4NW, BB10 4LA, BB10 4LJ, BB10 4PD, BB10 4PE, BB10 4PF, BB10 4LH, BB10 4NY, BB10 4NZ, BB10 4PA, BB10 4NS, BB10 4NU, BB10 4NX, BB10 4NT, BB10 4SW, BB10 4AE, BB10 4AU, BB10 4AX, BB10 4AY, BB11 3BX, BB11 3DD, BB10 4RN, BB10 4RS, BB10 4RW, BB10 3LJ, BB10 4RR, OL14 8QL, OL14 8QE, BB10 4SX, BB10 3JL, BB10 3JW, BB10 3SQ, BB10 3JH, BB10 3JQ, BB10 3JN, BB10 3JZ, BB10 3JA, BB10 3JJ, BB10 3JG, BB10 3RT, BB10 4RE, BB10 4DR, BB10 4LS, BB10 4DJ, BB10 4DP, BB10 4ET, BB10 4EW, BB10 4LP, BB10 4ER, BB10 4ES, BB11 3AR, BB11 3AU, BB11 3BA, BB11 3HR, BB11 3JU, BB11 3JY, BB11 3JT, BB11 3BE, BB11 3TA, BB11 2HQ, BB10 3NR, BB10 3NS, BB10 3NT, BB10 3NU, BB10 3NX, BB10 3PY, BB10 3RZ, BB10 3NY, BB10 3NZ, BB10 3NJ, BB10 3NL, BB10 3PP, BB10 4TE, BB10 4JJ, BB10 4JL, BB10 3PS, BB10 3PA, BB10 3PB, BB10 3PD, BB10 3PR, BB10 3PU, BB10 3PX, BB10 4PJ, BB11 3RG, BB10 4RY, BB10 3RP, BB10 3RR, BB10 4TX, BB10 4TY, BB10 4UA, BB10 4UB, BB10 4UE, BB10 4TZ, BB10 4JP, BB10 4JR