THIS is a fantastic image - cars parked at Blackburn Rovers’ Ewood Park during the 1920s.

Every conceivable inch of space has been taken to cram in as many cars as possible onto the small space available.

Maybe the police officer - there is a blurred image of a uniformed constable, on the right, leaning against the old gas lamp, next to a police box - has directed the drivers to within an inch of the adjacent vehicle.

There are dozens of gleaming cars parked here, the majority with folding canvas roofs, no doubt owned by the wealthy businessmen of the town, turning up to matches in their collars, ties and bowlers.

For others, charabancs provided the transport from town, and they've joined the private cars and motorbikes and sidecars.

Across the road is the works of Harry Oates and Sons, with Healds and Reeds also in big letters over the door.