A SALON owner is looking to find love by taking part in a reality TV show – where five men come to live with her for a week.

Kellie Dobson, from Burnley, is taking part in Channel 4’s Five Guys A Week, which involves five guys moving into her home.

The men will compete for the mother-of-two’s affection and go everywhere together, including out with her friends and for meals with her parents.

Each day, she will eliminate one of them, whittling them down to the last man standing.

The men the 32-year-old will be living with are Steve, a British army commando, Lee, an amateur strongman, nightclub DJ Barry, sports shop manager Craig and gourmet burger van owner Anthony.

Miss Dobson, who opened her own salon three-and-a-half years ago, said her ideal man would be a “big, rough and ready rugby or builder type”, who is as confident and energetic as her.

Miss Dobson describes herself as strong and self-sufficient, “my ship runs really nicely”, and she would like some old-fashioned romance and to be treated like a lady.

She said: “I knew who I fancied most straight away.

“But I think spending more time with people, what I did notice between the people I decided I quite liked was how it kept changing from day to day.”

On introducing the men to her family and friends, she said: “It was really easy. I really trust my friends. I have a small friendship group and they are my friends for a reason.

“I’m older now, we’ve gone through times together and I was dying to hear what they had to say.

“I was more looking forward to it because I know my girl friends would be hard hitting with the questions and interrogate them.

“The guys were just so funny, we all bonded and we all really got on so it did just feel like a weekend with my mates.

“I am that kind of character any way so really it was good to be able to see who would then step up and be alpha male.

“I’m dating five men at the same time, which was liberating, but also made me realise that it probably is the way to date because then you’re keeping your options open.”

When asked how it was making the decision to choose which guy to get rid of over the course of the week, she said: “The first one I did feel a little bit nervous about actually, but that was because of the person I was asking to go, and I was worried about the reaction, but then after that I got right into it.

“I felt like Alan Sugar, I was like 'should I do the finger?' 'Should I have a catchphrase?' But yes I loved that side of it and to be able to say this is why was empowering.”

Ms Dobson will appear in the next episode, which will air on Channel 4 on Tuesday, March 17, at 9.15pm.