SHOPPERS have slammed a shopping centre's 'awful' Christmas display.

Several people took to social media to speak out about this Accrington Arndale Centre's Christmas decorations, which comprises of two Christmas trees, a tower of ice cubes, some presents and two cartoon penguin characters.

Many shoppers were not happy with the display, however some defended the centre by suggesting if more people visited the shopping hall there would be a greater need for a bigger display.

On Facebook, Michelle Kirby said: "It's awful. It actually looks worse than that in the flesh."

Katey Hart said: "I saw this when it was first done, absolutely pathetic.

"How embarrassing this town is, it's getting worse."

Nic Mayor said: "Wow. I can remember when I was little, the grotto and everything outside Ethel Austins was the highlight of December."

Eva Graham said: "Wonder what's happened to all the beautiful Christmas decorations we used to have in the Arndale?"

Paul Ryan said: "Remember when all the centre plaza was taken up with Christmas decorations and Father Christmas gave presents to the kids."

According to the shopping centre's website,which sits in the heart of the town centre, it has more than 40 shops inside.

Other Christmas decorations on display at the centre included hanging garlands and fairy lights.

Chris Clark said: "I can still remember when you couldn't move in there over Christmas and you could actually do your Christmas shopping in the place, how the town has fallen."

Some shoppers defended the Accrington Arndale Centre, Anna-Marie Freeman said: " (Why would) they spend loads of money on it when hardly anyone goes in there. People would also moan."

Sheena Tyldesley said: "The Arndale is privately owned so I suppose they can do what they want."

Nicola Connell said: "Sorry Arndale but it's poor this year.

"The kiddies want to see Santa, that's what they associate with Christmas, not a penguin.

"My grandkids walked past it.

"The ceiling decorations are nice."

No one was available to comment from Accrington Arndale Centre.