An Euxton pensioner has been fined £600 after pleading guilty to dishonestly obtaining over £9,000 in benefits.

Barbara Ashcroft, 66, of Barnside, Euxton, pleaded guilty to claiming the extra cash in housing and council tax benefits as well as guaranteed pension credits back in 2005.

Ashcroft was receiving an injury benefit form the NHS.

The court heard that Ashcroft also had several undeclared bank accounts containing a substantial amount of capital.

Magistrates were told that the claims for benefit she had submitted in 2005 were shown to be false and for the duration of her benefit claims she had capital in excess of £16,000 - the capital limit for housing benefit and council tax benefit.

Ashcroft was fined £600 and ordered to pay costs of £200 to the DWP and £600 to Chorley Council together with a victim surcharge of £15.

Taking into account her financial circumstances Leyland Magistrates told Ashcroft to make an immediate payment of the fine and costs and suggested that she repay the £3743.09 still owing to the DWP within seven days.

Ashcroft has already repaid the overpaid housing benefit and council tax benefit in full.