RESIDENTS of Euxton can now cross the A49 Wigan Road more safely than ever thanks to a new zebra crossing.

The crossing, which was installed by Lancashire County Council, means that people crossing the busy ‘A’ road to get to and from their homes, the Millennium Green and Euxton Hall Hospital can make their journey much more safely and easily.

The route is used by many schoolchildren and hospital staff and visitors to both the hospital and nursing home.

Anti-skid surfacing, beacon lights, and warning signs have also been installed in addition to the road markings.

Installation of the zebra crossing follows consultation with local residents and Euxton Parish Council.

County Councillor Alb ert Atkinson, deputy leader of Lancashire County Council, said: "The crossing provides an important and safe access point across a very busy A road for residents getting to the four local primary schools and local amenities, but also for the hospital, nursing home and an important local recreation facility, the Millennium Green.

"The warning signs and anti-skid surfacing will help slow down traffic and serve as a warning to drivers that pedestrians are crossing.

"Zebra crossings such as this are an important part of our plans to make the county's roads even safer."

Debra Platt, Clerk to Euxton Parish Council, said: "The installation of the zebra crossing follows the request made by Euxton Parish Council firstly back in 2003 and subsequent consultation with local residents and Euxton Parish Council.

“Euxton Parish Council is very happy with the completed zebra project and welcomes its already self evident ben efits to keeping the traffic speed to 30mph and improved safety for pedestrians."