PUPILS at Euxton Primrose Hill Primary School, welcomed Simon Damp, from Leyland, who holds the official Guinness World Record for the fastest time to duct tape someone to a wall, a title which he took from a record holder in America.

Simon secured the record in a quick time of 28.47 seconds beating the American record of 32.85 seconds.

The school pupils were excited to see Simon re-enact the world record once again but this time in their school hall with the help of head teacher Gareth Caunce, who was the person chosen to be taped.

There was added excitement with each child given the opportunity to guess a time that the world record was beaten in, resulting in year four pupil Helena Ormerod winning a £60 Toys ‘r’ Us voucher and a Gorilla Glue Wobble-head toy.

Mr Caunce said; “It was a great opportunity to be able to recreate this world record in our school. As well as the obvious wow factor of participating in a world record we have also exploited many curriculum links.

"In science the pupils have discussed the properties of the tape and what makes it so effective and in Maths they have estimated the world record time to the nearest hundredths of a second and calculated who was the closest.

"Everyone knows about the Guinness Book of World Records and now our pupils have had the once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved in it.”

Simon Damp, European sales director for Gorilla Glue and an official Guinness World Records record holder, said: “It feels brilliant to say that I have an official world record, especially after taking it from someone in the USA so that it now lies right here in Lancashire."