A house in Euxton where a tenant was evicted was left in “an appalling state” with piles of rubbish and decaying food piled up around the property.

When housing bosses entered the three-bedroomed property on Beech Avenue they were confronted with rubbish in every room, with kitchen surfaces buried under months of packaging and old food.

It is estimated a clean-up of the property will cost several hundreds of pounds in order to make it habitable for the next tenant.

The toilet was left in what was described as a “disgusting” condition and bosses said the house “had not been cared for in some years”.

The house is owned by Chorley Community Housing (CCH).

The tenant had lived in the property for almost 30 years and left owing almost £4,000 in unpaid rent.

CCH director of operations Richard Houghton said: “The house was left with rubbish strewn throughout every room, and it clearly wasn’t in the tenant’s nature to carry out housekeeping on a regular basis.

“We had been working with the tenant to try and get him to clean the property up for some months, but without success.

“It’s not often that we come across houses that are as full of debris as this one, and often tenants who live in these conditions have other problems that we try to help them with if we can.

“But if tenants won’t accept help then there’s very little we can do.”

Mr Houghton added: “This is a nice house in a very popular area and we will be carrying out a full clearance of the property and bringing it back into a decent condition so that it can be let to a more deserving family.”