RESIDENTS are unhappy with plans for new homes being built in their town.

Clitheroe locals want Ribble Valley Council to rethink their decision on over 100 new homes for Henthorn Road.

The development will be named Montague Place and will comprise 110 homes, 33 affordable homes and eight bungalows providing accommodation for over-55s, in a mix of three and four-bedroom properties.

But, despite council approval for the homes, many residents say they are not needed and will exceed the allowed limit.

Resident Anne Horne says the problem of too many houses brings about many others, including parking in the town centre, where she lives.

She said: “We already have major parking issues here. All the houses they build are for families so when they come into the town they will park here too.

“There is also the affordability factor of new houses, they need to be affordable too, at least 50% of them.

“They keep saying they will build more doctors' surgeries and schools but none of this has happened since more and more houses have been built.”

Another issue seems to be flooding, as Mrs Horne points out that homes built above Clitheroe cemetery now cause flooding to the cemetery, which is distressing those with loved ones buried there.

Mrs Horne said: “I have spoken to Ribble Valley Council on this matter and nothing has come of it yet.

“This will not stop, and I think we need the government to see that we do not need so many homes in one town.”

Nigel Evans, MP for the Ribble Valley, agrees with the concerns. He said: “It is not as if we are saying no, but it is not necessary to build so many houses.

“I think there are other parts of East Lancashire they should look to regenerate.

“It has gone too far too fast and the approvals should be thought out again, if they can.

“Even if the council does not approve a development, then somebody outside the town will come in and approve it.”

“The reason people move here is because of how beautiful Clitheroe is, but if more homes are built then the reason people come here is lost,” he added.