How unedifying it has been to see pictures of people queuing around the block for a McDonald’s takeaway.

These people need to get a grip. I love a Maccies as much as the next person but I have enough self-respect and will-power to wait a few days until the fuss dies down.

Some are even seeing it as a badge of honour that they “were there” and had to queue for more than an hour for a Big Mac and fries. It’s McDonald’s not Woodstock.

Will people be telling their grandchildren about this magical day in 50 years’ time? I really hope not.

It is not big, it is not clever, it is not funny. It is just selfish.

Just because the lockdown rules have been eased, and the government says its okay to get a drive-thru meal – does not mean you have to.

Roads have been blocked because of this. Traffic has been delayed. And yes, someone, somewhere in that big queue – unbeknown to them – will have coronavirus.

They are therefore rising spreading the disease – even though that risk is small.

We should still be doing all we can to restrict the spread of this disease. Those people in the McDonald’s queue are no better or worse than those pictured out and about in large crowds in the good weather over the weekend.

Much has been made of the confusing government advice. They have not been clear – and elected and unelected officials have also not practiced what they preach.

But that does not stop you using your own brain and practicing a bit of self-discipline.

I look forward to nipping to McDonald’s in a couple of weeks’ time – but until then, I’ll make do with whatever I can rustle up at home.

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