There are far more important things to worry about – but on a lighter note we have a problem with over-sharing.

This week many of us have been deluged with pointless amounts of information being shared on WhatsApp. I am all for staying in touch with people but there is ‘staying in touch too much’.

I now have new best friends who, when they were busy, didn’t want to know me.

We have people who have a habit of forwarding EVERY single message they get in the hope you haven’t already seen it. Then we have folk who not only share it with you but send the same message on a group which is made up of the very same contacts in their phone.

People in the same group will then forward that message to you too so you could end up with ten memes about the same thing.

I can see why this happening. We are all sat at home trying to fill time and trying to keep ourselves occupied. I get it. I understand.

Now, I admit I have got some pretty good videos this week. The one about the guy who sees some cash in a car and opts for the toilet roll was a good one as was the guy trying to wash himself with a hosepipe having run out of toilet roll.

But by and large the rest can be categorised as fake news alerts or telling us what to do during the lockdown. Most of us know by now that we have to stay home and only go out for the essentials.

No amount of forwarding the same message in several different guises is going to make things any better.

Let’s just do the following from now. When we get a message why not wait for a moment and think about whether it is going to be of use to the next person. Why not click on the link to see if it isn’t fake news.

You would never sit in a room and shout out from the corner about the first thing that comes into your head. Or try to talk like a professional about a subject that you have no knowledge of.

I suggest the best thing to do is simply ring up folk you think are alone and self-isolating or those who might be finding it tough. Even better do a video call.

The technology is there for a reason. Imagine not having it at all.