I can understand some people may be worried about the coronavirus but is there really need for such mass panic?

I have heard a fair few scare stories this week and it seems now almost anything is now being linked to coronavirus. This week a few takeaways were targeted with false texts with people claiming their food and staff were infected.

Earlier in the week I got a few worried phone calls from people suggesting that coronavirus had in fact arrived in Lancashire ‘because a friend knows a guy who works with this driver’. That is the best kind of fact of course, the one with the obscure link.

People will use almost anything to discredit businesses and people they do not like. The bigger issue is how we are willing to forward information without checking if the news is true.

The idea is that by sharing it quickly someone down the line will credit that person for having shared the news first. We also feel we are obliged to tell people something in the hope it will help to appease an earlier ‘panic’ stricken text I sent.

The best response regarding the coronavirus has actually been from those people who are most likely to be affected by it – the older generation. It is nothing more than another strain of flu and is likely to affect those with underlying conditions.

They are far less likely to cause mass hysteria as they have probably seen it all before. Even if they haven’t they will probably tell you they did anyway.

Everyone else can breathe easy and if you get the virus, then so be it.

I think the problem we have is that we actually enjoy mass panic. We feed off scare stories because we have been accustomed to running around like headless chickens most of our lives.

We are going from one major issue to the next and none of it makes real sense to us.

If we aren’t worrying about what food we are eating or Brexit we want people to worry about the next big killer.

The best example of this is when we have some decent weather during the summer. Even when things are generally going fine someone somewhere will tell us that we should be deeply concerned because it might get a bit hotter than normal.

In fact we get simple advice about how to stay cool!

Why can’t we just accept things are well…not that bad. It would make life less stressful.