TWO wannabe campervan thieves are now behind bars thanks to a quick-thinking police officer who commandeered a JCB from a farmer in a bid to capture them.

Yesterday afternoon officers were alerted to the fact that two men had stolen a campervan and were trying to escape up the M55.

But a quick-thinking police officer asked a farmer if he could borrow his  JCB to chase the two men after they abandoned the vehicle between junctions three and one.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “Twas a cold and rainy day but the thieves who took this campervan will rue the day they messed with Lancs police.

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“After a pursuit and footchase, the  two offenders were quicker on foot but an officer commandeered a JCB from a farmer and the chase was back on.

“Awesome containment and assisted by numerous resources including the helicopter ensured there was nowhere to hide. Two arrested for numerous offences and a happy owner can have their van back.”