A CHARITY trust has donated £25,000 to help pay for repairs to Darwen Tower.

Darwen based WM & BW Lloyd Charity Trust made the generous donation following the closure of the 120-year-old landmark on May 5.

The decision was made after a routine inspection revealed a loose section of concrete and surrounding stone on the underside of the tower’s top viewing platform.

WM & BW Lloyd Charity trustee John Jacklin said: “The tower is an iconic feature of Darwen and has been for 120 years.

“It’s a big feature of the town. Without it Darwen would just be another little town with nothing to pick it out. By donating the money we are supporting those people who are working hard to bring the tower back into pristine condition.”

Friends of Darwen Tower commissioned a survey on the tower which revealed the extent of the work needed to make the tower safe which the group predicted could cost £100,000.

A Friends spokesman said: "We attended a meeting with the trustees of the WM & BW Lloyd Charity Trust.

“They have kindly donated £25,000 towards the Darwen Tower repairs. We are exceptionally grateful and cannot thank them enough. What a fantastic Darwen community we have.”

The trust was set up by Betty Lloyd and her brother William in 1974 to provide for those who lived, or were educated, in the old borough of Darwen.

The siblings made their money in the cotton industry and, with no family to pass their money on to, they set up a fund with £15,000.

When Betty died in 1981, aged 87, she was dubbed ‘The fairy godmother’ of Darwen after leaving £250,000 to the trust in her will.

To support the tower fundraiser, visit justgiving.com/crowdfunding/help-repair-darwen-tower.