A DIAMOND couple were able to toast their wedding anniversary in the 'chapel' where they married 60 years ago – as it has now converted into a pub.

Betty and Bill Greenwood wed at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Darwen in 1958 ... and six decades on they celebrated their diamond anniversary at the same building, now named The Old Chapel Wetherspoons.

The chapel was converted into a pub after it was bought by the chain in 2014, making it the perfect venue for their landmark celebrations.

The pair were joined by bridesmaid Pat Ashworth and groomsman Trevor Greenwood as well as friends and family celebrating the long union.

Mrs Greenwood, from Darwen, said she met Bill who is from Edgworth, at a dance when she was 14 and they had been dancing ever since.

She said the couple, who now live in Edgworth, were married 12 years after they met and went on to work side by side at Mr Greenwood’s business in Bolton.

She said: “We met at a dance and have been dancing together up until last October when their was a flood in the dance hall which damaged the floor.

“Hopefully in a couple of months we will be able to get back to it.”

Mr Greenwood credits their work and home life balance with the success of their long marriage.

She said: “We have always done everything together, worked and socialised.

“Bill owned a business in Bolton and I worked for him, so he was the boss at work.

“But at home I was the one in charge in the house, it’s all about balance.

“We do come over to Darwen quite a bit and have been in a few times since it became a pub.

“It’s such a lovely building.”

The building remained a chapel until it was bought and converted 1969 and converted into a supermarket.

It later became a discount store, until its refurbishment by Wetherspoons in 2014.

Manager Alan Coughtrey said: “When the family approached us about holding the anniversary party here we were delighted.

“It’s a privilege to help them celebrate their wedding anniversary and a great opportunity to celebrate the history of the pub.

“It is a really incredible building and obviously is really special to Bill and Betty.”

The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel first opened its doors on 30 March 1866.

It was designed in the classical Corinthian style by the architect Edward Bates, also responsible for the nearby India Mill.