A TIP user is calling for council bosses to take action after out-of-borough users have caused ‘chaos’ in a recycling centre.

Jim Tailor, from Darwen, said the household waste and recycling centre in Spring Vale Road, Darwen, is frequently overrun with people from out of town, making it impossible for residents to make use of the centre.

He said people come from surrounding towns to dispose of waste free of charge as opposed to using their local tip where charges have been introduced.

He said: “It’s total chaos in there.

“I have been told that people are coming from Bolton because they have to pay to dispose of certain rubbish at their tip.

“Something needs to be done. It just gets silly because it’s on a one-way system and people end up queuing to get in and there’s no room for anyone to get around.There must be some bumps in there.

“It doesn’t help that the Blackburn tip is shut on Wednesdays, I went in yesterday and it was absolute chaos.

“I was speaking to some of the staff about how ridiculous it was and one of them said they had to call more staff in because they were swamped by people coming from Blackburn.”

Mr Tailor said he believed the inaccessible tip could be part of the reason fly-tipping seems to be on the rise in the area.

He said: “I’m proud to be from Darwen so when I see rubbish dumped in the street it makes my blood boil.

“I’m not excusing it but if people can’t get rid of their rubbish by legal means they are going to dump it.”

Blackburn with Darwen environment boss Cllr Jim Smith said plans were already in place to install ANPR cameras which will identify vehicles from outside the borough seeking to use the centre.

He said: “We are aware of the issues and are working to combat them.

“The problem is, other counties charge for the disposal of construction material whereas we do not.

“The ANPR cameras will recognise vehicles registered at addresses from outside Blackburn with Darwen and barriers come down.

“If the drivers cannot prove they or the waste come from within the borough they will be turned away.

“The tips are closed on different days to ensure there is always somewhere for people from the borough to dispose of their rubbish.”