A MAN will handcycle from Ewood Park to Wembley Stadium to raise money for a sports club.

Alex Hook, from Blackburn, who has cerebral palsy, will undertake the 260-mile challenge on May 29 to raise money and support for Blackburn Community Sports Club.

The club awarded Mr Cook £3,500 funding last year to buy a new handcycle after the charity that had lent him one had to take it back.

As part of his fundraising effort, Mr Hook and training partner Rob Skeath made a handcycle tour of North West football stadiums last year.

The pair completed the180-mile trip in four days and raised £1,660 towards his target. By completing the trip to Wembley he said he hopes to raise the remaining money and pay back the club.

The 25-year-old said: “I’m not nervous because I've done long rides before, but I’m keen to get out on the bike and get on with it.

“I’ll have the lads with me and we bounce off each other when we’re struggling.

“They will keep me going when things get tough and it’s all for a great cause. The club have been very influential on my life over the last 13 years.

“They introduced me to handcycling in the first place and almost gave me my freedom back by giving me the money.

“It’s not just about financial repayment though, I think it’s important that people know what they’ve done for me and the good work they continue to do.”

Mr Hook will be accompanied by Rob for the ride.

He said: “I met Alex about six years ago through work and we started cycling together two years after.

“He needs that support while we’re out on the road. With him being so low down, motorists won’t always see him so we’re almost the first point of contact.

“We keep each other motivated as well, he supports Rovers and I’m a Burnley fan so the banter is always flowing.”

To support his journey visit justgiving.com/fundraising/alexroadtowembley.