A sheltered housing scheme in Coppull in which elderly residents have resided for decades is to be demolished.

The Willows, a block of 23 flats, had been struggling to find tenants who wanted to live there and Chorley Community Housing took the decision more than 18 months ago to stop letting to new tenants.

The tenants who still lived there were allowed to remain, but all have since elected to move to other accommodation.

The last of the remaining residents moved out of the sheltered bedsit scheme in September.

CCH director of operations Richard Houghton said: “The Willows was built in the 1960s but the design of the building didn’t stand the test of time.

“Demand for the scheme had been falling for a number of years and it became increasingly obvious that we weren’t able to find enough tenants to fill the block.

“One of the flats had been empty for over ten years, so the decision was taken not to relet flats as they became empty.”

Regional manager Mike Murphy said: “We have worked with all the remaining residents and their families to provide them with support and help ensure that their moves have been as stress free as possible.

“I’m pleased to say that we’ve been able to rehouse everyone in accommodation of their choice.”

Demolition of the block is expected to start in November.

Mr Houghton added: “We have no immediate plans for the site once the building has been demolished.”