TWO students from Holy Cross Catholic High School have played their part in promoting safer travel across Lancashire.

Alicia Barnes and Lucy Eccles, now in Year Nine, entered a county-wide competition to design a safer travel leaflet and their design was chosen to be on hundreds of thousands of leaflets as well as winning £500 for the school.

PCSO Claire West who is seconded with the Safer and Healthy Travel Team at Lancashire County Council, said its previous leaflet on safer travel, for both schools and the public, was 10 years old.

They decided they needed a new one and ran a high school competition for last year’s Year Eights to design one.

“I work with the team on crime and anti-social behaviour on travel, both schools and public transport,” said PCSO West.

“It’s about promoting safer and responsible travel and the leaflet the girls designed will help us do this.”

Suzi Smith, who works for the Safer and Healthy Travel Team at the council, and selected Lucy and Alicia’s design, said: “We liked it as the leaflet opens up from the centre, like the doors on a bus, and it was clear and concise with its message.

“It’s also likely to appeal to youngsters and that’s important.”

Alicia said: “Lucy had the idea of the leaflet opening like bus doors and I designed it. We worked together and we are really proud and surprised that we won.”

The leaflets will be displayed around the county, in bus stations and schools, while the £500 will go towards the funds for a Holy Cross minibus.