Pupils at Astley Park School received a trophy for a project which saw them grow their own produce in the school garden and learn about cooking healthy food.

The Chairman's Challenge is an annual competition organised by the county council to encourage healthy, 'green' and safe activities in schools.

The trophy was presented during a special visit by the chairman of Lancashire County Council.

The pupils worked with their families, including parents and grandparents, to grow items at school using easy-access raised beds and containers.

The school's prize money from the competition will be used to buy extra tools and equipment for the project and develop the garden.

The chairman, John Shedwick, visited the school to present the trophy, which has now been engraved, and find out how their activities have been going since the final of the challenge.

He said: “At Astley Park, the pupils took part in various activities to grow and cook their own produce. I've been hearing about their activities and it sounds like they’ve been having a lot of fun, while learning all about plants and food.”

In an exciting final at County Hall, pupils from Astley Park School gave a presentation to the judges about their activities.

As the winning school in the short stay/special school category, they also received £1,000 for their school.

The competition is run by the Lancashire Healthy Schools Programme.