A film inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones has been shot in Rivington. Sophie’s Fortune: The Treasure of Quetzalcoatl is directed by aspiring movie makers Phil Meachem and Chris Cronin.

The film, to be released early next year, will be entered at film festivals and has already created a buzz after its trailer was released online.

Rivington’s Liverpool castle and Japanese Gardens were used to create lush jungle landscapes, sprawling Aztec ruins for the 25-minute production filmed in summer.

Producer Bolton-born Phil, 24, said: “We didn’t want social realm, we wanted to do our best to recreate cinematic blockbuster special effects and scenes of action-packed mayhem.

“The film was made on very little budget and shot exclusively in mostly Rivington and Batley, West Yorkshire.

“When we released the trailer, in less than 24 hours, we generated thousands of online hits.”

The trailer for the film.

The story follows a father’s treasure hunt at a children’s birthday party where imagination takes over, transforming it into an epic Indiana Jones-style adventure, with director Cronin, 25, taking inspiration from fun classics like The Goonies and Hook.

The film brought together almost a hundred people and stars Simon Hardwick, who starred in Highlander and Captain America and Steve McTigue.

Filming was done by cinematographer Sam Cronin.