A YOUTH was seen with his head on fire after a petrol bomb was thrown at a swingers’ club in Chorley, police have said.

In the third similar attack in recent weeks, the attempted arson took place around 8.50pm on Tuesday at the No3 Club, Primrose Bank Mill, Friday Street, Chorley.

Police said a passer-by reported seeing two teenagers leaving the area on pushbikes and described one of the youths as having “flames coming from his head”.

On its website the No3 Club offers clients the chance to “relax in the friendliest swingers club, with luxurious surroundings and unbeatable atmosphere, meet new friends and enjoy modern swinging”.

Officers have CCTV images of two males seen in the area. The man on foot is described as being slim to medium build, 5ft 10in to 6ft tall.

He is wearing a baseball-style jacket, light sleeves with dark front and back panels, with a light waistband.

The second male is taller and is seen riding a bike around the area before the attack on the club.

Both males were seen running across Stump Lane having run out from Stratford Road and then on to Mayfield Road.

Police found evidence of petrol and a lighter at the front of the property.

In a similar incident two weeks ago, toilets were damaged after what police described as a “fire bomb” was thrown through a window.

Det Sgt John Entwisle, said: “We suspect that the person responsible will have suffered burns as a result of this incident, specifically on their head and perhaps hands so I am keen to speak with anybody that has sustained burn injuries since Tuesday, even if they don’t have any information about the incident itself.

“This is the third attack on these premises in recent weeks.

“This is a serious offence which has had a considerable impact on the club and had the potential to endanger life.”