A group of Whittle residents have written a book giving walkers an insight into the beauty and history of their village.

Whittle Walks, an illustrated guide, will be launched at the village hall this month.

The three featured walks takes in mills, old works, pubs, cricket and more.

In addition there are pages on the general history of Whittle-le-Woods and the former Shaw Hill mansion and Lisieux Hall.

Whittle-le-Woods councillor Eric Bell, who chaired a committee of local people that led to the book's production, said: "You can go on a walk and see the places for yourself, or you can sit in your armchair and go on a walk through all the pages. We are really chuffed with it."

The book takes the reader back in time using a wide range of interesting photographs and text.

One section features the canal basin, formerly an important part of village life.

The book tells of how a large crane which became known as the Whittle Cross was used to load and unload the barges and how villagers would scavenge for scraps of coal which fell into the canal during offloading - a practice known as knebbing.

A thousand have been produced, available from shops in the village. Or you can ring Eric on 01257 262719 to order a copy. The group hope to follow up with another book on the farms and pubs of Whittle.

"Whittle used to have 32 farms with four or five on land that became part of the ROF," said Eric.

"And there were around 14 pubs here. Things have changed a lot in 50 years"