A MAN who was kicked out of smoke ban rebel Nick Hogan’s pub for lighting up returned brandishing a knife.

Mr Hogan, landlord of The Swan with Two Necks, in Hollinshead Street, Chorley, spent 12 days in jail for non-payment of fines he received for flouting the smoking ban at one of his former pubs in Bolton.

The reveller was kicked out by security staff on Saturday night after smoking on the dance floor, but returned at around 3am with a knife, although he didn’t approach anyone with it.

“I am absolutely appalled that someone could threaten the security staff with a carving knife when they were just doing their job,” said Mr Hogan, 43.

"As everyone knows I don't agree with the smoking ban and believe that landlords should have the choice whether customers can smoke on their premises but this incident was outrageous.

“The customer swore at him and was ejected, but he returned about 20 minutes later with a huge carving knife and was brandishing it at them.

"Luckily the security staff locked the doors and the man went off. The police are now looking for him.

"I just find it so ironic that I have actually been to jail after allowing customers to smoke and this should happen.”

Police are appealing for any witnesses to the incident to contact them on 0845 1 25 35 45.