Blood saving technology has been launched at Chorley hospital.

The new high-tech piece of equipment is used to recycle a patient’s blood during surgery.

The £10,000 cell salvage machine collects blood, which would otherwise be lost during surgery and cleans it.

The recycled blood can then be used during the same operation and given back to the patient.

The use of the machine will cut down on the need for blood transfusions, obtained from blood donors, and can also be used for patients who do not wish to receive donor blood due to personal reasons, such as Jehovah Witnesses.

Training with the new kit is currently on-going and the machine is expected to be in use within the next two months.

Sanchia Baines, blood transfusion practitioner, said: “This is an exciting development for the trust.

"It will cut down on the reliance on donor blood and the very small risks associated with receiving it.”