A Chorley author has his debut novel published this month which he claims gives an insight into the drama of post-war European espionage and intrigue.

Colin Denby, 71, of Preston Road, Chorley, has written the novel The Price Of Freedom, a fictional account of protagonist Conrad Davenport, who operates within NATO intelligence circles in early 1960s France.

However, the James Bond style exploits are no pure flight of fancy as many of the experiences and dramas are based on the first-hand memories of Colin himself, who served at Supreme NATO headquarters during his national service between 1960-62.

Bradford-born Colin, who has lived in Chorley for 25 years, said: “I was selected for special duties in the Military Police and given hand -to-hand combat training before being sent to France.

“It was the time of the Algerian conflict so there was a lot of activity. I was once in cafe when a bomb exploded outside killing and maiming innocent victims.

“Stories like that and others are in the book. It is fiction but put this way, I’m no longer tied to the official secrets act.

“I thought it was time to tell of some of my experiences through the device of Conrad Davenport. It’s been a real challenge to write and get the book published and I’ve already written the next volume.”

Colin promises more revelations in the next instalment including an alleged account of an attempt on President Kennedy’s life on a visit to France in 1961 which Colin helped to foil.

The Price Of Freedom will be released by Willowbank publishers later this month and will be available from book shops and online retailers.