Lancashire could see record-breaking temperatures this week as the country basks in a heatwave.

The hot weather has been welcomed by sun worshippers across the region, who have been making the most of the good weather.

But the wet and warm conditions has also sparked an explosion in the midge and mosquito populations, which have been causing misery at wedding receptions and barbecues as well as affecting people enjoy longer evenings in their gardens.

The Met Office has also issued a “heat health” warning for this week, with night time temperatures in some areas due to remain as high as 18C (64.4F) and temperatures during the day ranging between 25C and 27C.

Scotland often suffers from large midge populations, and even has its own midge forcast, but this year the pests appear to be moving southwards in greater number, striking people in Lancashire.

Paul Pearce-Kelly, senior curator of invertebrates at the Zoological Society, said: “It's the combination of wet weather followed by warmer conditions that encourages the greater numbers.

"Changing weather patterns and milder winters are creating conditions more favourable to mosquito breeding.

“We are seeing a trend of an increasingly favourable climate here to mosquitoes.

“Normally the biting winters in Britain would kill everything off, but now we are seeing much milder conditions, which means we are becoming more vulnerable to these pests.”

Lancashire Telegraph nature expert Ron Freethy said: “It is expected that there is an increase in midges because of how hot and humid it is – it puts their reproductive cycle at 300mph.

“The more humid it is and the more thunder you have makes the midges fly lower, which is also affecting us.”

He said that because the pests are nocturnal the dawn and dusk periods are the worst time.

Mr Freethy added: “Midges are not normally that much of a problem but they are here in such numbers at the moment that there is a major issue.”

He said that insect spray would jobs" target="_blank">work to clear the insects but if there was a swarm there was not much you can do.

Branches of the elder tree and citronella candles also help.

Most people who are bitten by midges will feel a slight discomfort but a small number of people can be allergic to the bugs.

The weather is set to remain warm today with temperatures set to reach 27 degrees celsius, according to the Met Office.

Widespread showers are expected across the region throughout the second half of the week, becoming heavy and thundery at times.

The temperatures however are set to remain very warm or hot, possibly cooling down on Friday.

In the following week it is set to be cooler.