Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle has welcomed plans to consult neighbouring authorities over the proposed Manchester congestion charge.

Mr Hoyle raised the issue recently given the large number of people who travel from outside of Greater Manchester and will be affected by the congestion charge.

Original proposals for consultation only included districts within Greater Manchester.

But now Peter Smith, leader of the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities, he said that neighbouring local authorities will be asked for their views in addition to Lancashire MPs.

Mr Hoyle said: “The proposed congestion charge for Manchester will have an impact on people across the North West, not just those living in the Greater Manchester area.

“In Chorley many people travel regularly into Manchester for business and leisure purposes.

"With trains becoming busier and busier people are forced to use their cars and any congestion charge will have a direct impact upon them.

“I am therefore delighted that the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities have realised this fact and are now going to seek the views from outside the Greater Manchester area.

"This will allow everyone to have their say before any final decision is taken.”