A PIZZA and kebab house and a fruit and vegetable store have been warned ‘urgent improvement is necessary’ after getting a zero rating by Food Standards Agency inspectors.

G&W Ball and Sons at Market Place was inspected in July 2019 and has been rated as zero after their visit they were told ‘major improvement’ was needed in the hygienic handling of food including preparation and improvements needed in the cleanliness and condition of the buildings.

Valentinos on Chorley Road, in Adlington were also inspected in July 2019 and they were told that while the cleanliness and conditions were satisfactory, there was urgent improvements needed to the systems or checks that food was safe to eat and staff know about food safety.

They were also told that improvements were necessary in the preparation, cooking, re-heating and storage of food.

Meanwhile there were eight others in Chorley which had a one rating of major improvement necessary.

They included Real Honest Foods on Chorley Road Adlington, Whittle Chippy on Chorley Old Road in Whittle-Le-Woods, Clayton Green Service Station on Preston Road in Clayton-Le-Woods, McKrisps Caterers on Steeley Lane, The Chicken Shaq on Pall Mall in Chorley, The Godfather on Market Street in Chorley.

Meanwhile Mama Mia on Eaves Lane and Noah’s Ark Kitchen And Deli on Chorley Road Adlington were also one-rated but they have since been revisited and a new rating will be published soon.

The scheme is aimed at helping members of the public to choose where to eat out or shop for food by giving you clear information about the businesses’ hygiene standards

Chorley MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle believes the food hygiene ratings are very important.

He said: “This is a council issue and I believe the council are doing good by visiting these places.

“I think the council should be doing what they can to help these businesses to bring the ratings up.

“People need to make their own judgements whether to buy or not to buy.

“I am very concerned about the impact on people’s health.”

A spokesman for G&W Ball and Sons said “We had two visits from Environmental Health about the hot water geyser - one person said it should be 60.5 degrees and one said it should be under 60 degrees. We have had the thermostat fixed but we are waiting for them to come back.”

A spokesperson for Chorley Council said: “Food hygiene ratings help drive up standards of hygiene in food outlets across the borough because premises have regular inspections.

“Premises with lower ratings need to improve, it’s in their own interests to do so, so we offer help and advice and work closely with them to support them in improving their standards and if they do so they can apply for a rescore.”

Elsewhere, in Leyland, Leyland Kebab House and Yum Yum both on Chapel Brow were both given zero ratings.