A CHORLEY couple are expanding their business – as they take over behind the bar at another pub.

Glen and Emma Hutchinson, who run The Spinners in Cowling, are now putting the finishing touches to refurbishments at the Cardwell Arms in Adlington.

They will open the Chorley Road pub on Friday night at 5pm and have special plans for the venue.

Emma said: “We are really happy – we are over the moon about it.

“It has been a few weeks since it all got it sorted and we are busy getting it decorated.

“The Cardwell Arms has been a traditional pub that did not serve food but we want to carry on some things that we have done at The Spinners.

“We are going to be doing food on Mondays then Thursday from 5pm and then on Friday from noon to 9pm.

“We will also be offering breakfast from 9am to 11.30am on Saturday and food from noon to 9pm.”

The couple say they are hoping to build on their success.

Emma added: “We have been spending eight years and have been working really hard to get it successful and have done really well.

“We are really excited about the opportunity.

“It was opened by Punch Taverns and they closed it on Wednesday and have only just been given the keys.

“We have taken the pumps out and put new ones in. We have done a complete change of decor and paint as well as furniture.

“There are no other pubs in that part of Adlington that are serving traditional pub food and Glen used to live in Adlington so he knows people in the area and they said they will come support it.

“There are also lots of houses in the area and we are hoping it should be successful.”

The couple are looking to cater for the local population and will be bringing head chef Steven Miller from The Spinners who will come here.

Meanwhile, Adam Jackson who used to be from the Cosmopolitan Restaurant and he had a spell at The Spinners has returned to the Cowling pub.

Emma added: “We have counted it up yet but we have spent a lot of money on developing it.

“It really needed it and it is going to be a traditional pub and if you are going to get good food then people will hopefully come.”