PUPILS and staff from Parklands High School marched on Chorley Town Hall to demand action on climate change.

Students from the Southport Road school were allowed to take part in the action, which was part of the global Strike for Climate movement, as they felt so strongly about the impact global warming is having on our planet.

As part of the day, students and staff even spoke live on BBC Radio Lancashire to implore more people to take action. They also grilled Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle on what his plans were to tackle this important issue.

All of the pupils stayed for an hour after school to ensure they had caught up on all school work.

Liam Dawber, who is in year 9 and helped kick start the campaign at Parklands, said: “It was very loud and we got a lot of people’s attention.

“We showed the council that we care about the climate. It is a big issue and it should be a priority in decision making.

“It is really special that Parklands let us strike and organise this, compared to other schools who punished students for striking.

“It shows that our school cares about what students believe in. It shows we have a voice and we are not being ignored.”

Headteacher Steve Mitchell said: “Climate change affects us all, but most importantly it will affect future generations, and I am immensely proud of the Parklands students who participated in Friday’s climate protest. Their collective voices will hopefully contribute to changing minds and influencing policy direction.”