Reel Cinemas bring the Movies to Chorley For a generation the people of Chorley who have wanted the multiplex experience have found that they need to travel to Bolton or Preston for their big screen fix.

That will all change this December when Reel Cinemas will open a new 6-screen purpose built multiplex cinema in the Market Walk Shopping Centre extension in the town centre.

True “Premiere” multiplex experience The new cinema will benefit from five “Premiere” auditoria (two with around 150 seats and three further screens with between 50 and 100 seats each) which offer supreme comfort and legroom.

The sixth, 40-seater screen will be Reel Chorley’s “VIP” screen which will also feature an all-inclusive ticket and food offer and reclining leather seating.

The new cinema will also benefit from a bar and Reel’s market leading concessions offerings “The Sweet Barrel” and “Cream & Cones” offering a great range of confectionery, ice creams, waffles and milkshakes.

Bringing Hollywood to Chorley Muhammad Faisal, Head of Operations at Reel Cinemas said: “I can’t tell you how excited we are to be adding this new site in Chorley to our existing network of 14 cinemas.

"Reel Chorley will be a truly premium experience us with a combination of Premiere and VIP auditoria while still being affordable for the whole of the community. We’ll also be opening branches of our new premium concessions brands

“The Sweet Barrel and Cream & Cones” featuring confectionery, ice cream, smoothies and waffles for our cinemagoers.”

Muhammad added: “ The people of Chorley have been without their own cinema for far too long and we’re delighted to be bringing the movies back to the town in time for Christmas.

Progress Reel Cinemas are now developing the site in readiness for it’s Grand Opening in December 2019. This follows the new cinema in Wakefield which opened its doors to the community on August 16th.

Reel Cinemas have an ambitious opening plan in and around Lancashire over the next three years reflecting the ongoing development of these important towns.