CHIEFS at South Ribble Council have set out their vision for the future - 100 days into the new administration.

In May 2019 following all-out Local elections, South Ribble welcomed a new Labour administration.

But now leader Cllr Paul Foster said: “I’m so proud of what has been achieved over our first couple of months.

“We’ve hit the ground running and we are determined to serve our residents with honesty and integrity, allowing the borough to flourish with happy and healthy residents in a safer and fairer community.

“This is just the start of an exciting journey. We’ve launched our four year corporate plan and we are determined to deliver.

“Our community can be assured that they have a dedicated administration and passionate and hardworking Council staff who are looking forward to the projects ahead.”

Cllr Foster added: “We have been challenging the administration from the opposition for many years and now we’ve taken the mantle we are radically changing the way South Ribble Council operates and interacts with its stakeholders.

“Thanks to the key supply and confidence agreement we now have in place with our Liberal Democrat Colleagues and having agreed our common priorities, we can now move forward together for the benefit of our treasured communities.

“With this, I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Councillor David Howarth, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group for his on-going support.

“The last 100 days have shown that a dedicated and passionate administration who is totally committed to their vision, can make real change. Our manifesto – the reason why more residents than ever before voted for Labour – mapped out our vision for the future and it’s incredible to now see this vision come to life through our brand new four year Corporate Plan.

“Our residents want and need change. They need an administration who listens to them, understands their needs and helps them to shape services. They need an administration who will support a happy and healthy community in a safe and fair borough and we are the ones to deliver this.

“The Plan takes our manifesto promises and makes them real, tangible and accessible to all in our communities. More importantly it tells you how we will monitor our own performance to make sure we consistently do what we say we are going to do. With the common, community led priorities we share with our Liberal Democrat colleagues we have, and will continue to deliver for all in South Ribble.”