SIR Lindsay Hoyle is calling for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to review his funding decision for the NHS and inject some cash into Lancashire hospitals.

On Monday, the PM announced that 20 hospitals were set to share £850 million of new funding to upgrade outdated facilities and equipment – helping improve patient care and ultimately save more lives.

Five projects in the North West were given funding but the hospitals in Lancashire including Preston and Chorley and South Ribble Hospital were empty-handed.

Lindsay Hoyle said: “This should have had an impact for Boris and for the NHS.

“It was a great opportunity to ensure the fast growing population in Chorley would receive the funding to help services.

“I think it is unacceptable and I am going to be writing to the Prime Minister urging him to reconsider the situation and give Chorley and South Ribble Hospital some money.

Speaking about the decision to deliver funding to the 20 hospitals, the Prime Minister said: “The NHS is always there for us – free at the point of use for everyone in the country.

“With our doctors and nurses working tirelessly day in day out, this treasured institution truly showcases the very best of Britain.

“ I’m delivering on this promise with a £1.8 billion cash injection – meaning more beds, new wards, and extra life-saving equipment to ensure patients continue to receive world-class care.

“It’s time to face up to this challenge and make sure the NHS receives the funds it needs, to continue being the best healthcare service in the world.”

Meanwhile, Jenny Hurley of the campaign group Protect Chorley and South Ribble Hospital from Cuts and Privatisation, believes it may not be all bad news.

She said: “Under current changes an input of money will see a push towards a centralised hospital, but it has to be noted that this one hospital would not just cover Preston.

“It wouldn’t just cover Chorley and South Ribble either because Lancaster hospital buildings are also earmarked as too far gone to be financially viable to keep running long term.

“So although a shiny new hospital sounds great for an area it’s not to our advantage if such a huge population needs to access it - we wouldn’t get through the doors unless on death's door.

“It’s a very real safety concern for our communities. Even if it’s on our doorstep, what good is that if we can’t get in? Location is irrelevant. Access to care is the key.

“Even if the bid money was used to improve only Preston A and E, the relatively small changes wouldn’t increase access enough to accommodate the populations of Chorley and South Ribble as well and many residents will see an increase in waiting times and a huge drop in patient and staff safety.

“The fewer changes they can make now, the better it is for our community. We shouldn’t even be discussing business models, we should be pushing for care models. Safe. Fair. Equal to all. Not for a selective few.”