A pensioner who had a complicated medical history, which included suffering from diabetes, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease, and was prone to falling, died from a bleed on the brain following a fall.

Stephen Taylor, 73, was admitted to hospital in December after he had fallen at home and hit his head.

An inquest in Preston, Coroner James Newman explained that following a scan he was found to have a bleed on the brain but doctors were unable to operate and he was discharged on December 13 and his care managed at home.

However, on January 17, Mr Taylor, who lived in Chorley Road, Chorley, with his wife Carol, complained of mobility difficulties and was readmitted after his daughter suspected he had had a couple of seizures.

Doctors found that the bleed on his brain had worsened and he was treated for sepsis of an unknown cause, but was not offered surgery as he was deemed unfit to undertake such an operation.

Mr Newman said: "Mr Taylor's condition continued to deteriorate and he was offered palliative care.

"He sadly died at Royal Preston Hospital on January 20.

"Doctor Oliver Hopkins confirmed the cause of death to be a bleed on the brain due to a fall and a head injury, which had worsened over time."

Mr Newman concluded that Mr Taylor died an accidental death.