ANGRY villagers in Croston are worried about a ‘monstrosity’ of a railway bridge.

Meadow Lane Railway Bridge was closed last year in July as Network Rail carried out repairs.

However, as reported in the Citizen in November last year, residents claimed the bridge was an ‘eyesore’ and were calling for action from the rail bosses.

A meeting was held to discuss the issue on June 12 but someone has since taking matters into the own hands by putting up vinyl poster on the bridge saying ‘Welcome to Croston’ and ‘You are now leaving Croston’.

Cllr Paul Sloan, who represents the Lostock ward, said “Despite a very well attended public meeting arranged by Croston Parish Council, Network Rail still doesn’t seem to be taking residents concerns seriously.

“Network Rail’s offer to paint the bridge was soundly rejected at this public meeting, yet they refused to consider any other option.

“Some people have gotten so frustrated with the lack of progress on this that they have taken things into their own hands and put vinyl on the bridge themselves.

“I continue to call upon Chorley Borough Council and Croston Parish Council to help residents in putting pressure on Network Rail to consider options other than just painting the bridge. “

Kim Snape Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for South Ribble, said “Earlier this week the Meadow Lane bridge was wrapped in vinyl. Unfortunately on close inspection it seems to have been poorly applied.

“I completely appreciate and echo the frustration that has led to people taking this action as it was a monstrosity but unfortunately this is unlikely to last for long and we could end up going back to square one.

“There were over 150 people that attended the recent public meeting on this issue in Croston. I will continue to work with residents to keep the pressure on Network Rail.”

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “After our public meeting with residents in Croston in June we offered to paint the internal sides of the bridge, and since the meeting we’ve looked at another option which would be to replace some of the solid metal panels on the bridge approach with an open metal mesh. We are aware that an unauthorised covering has now been added to our railway bridge since the public meeting.

“Changing the appearance of our property without our permission is illegal. We actively discourage it. Our policy on graffiti and other vandalism is: If it’s obscene, we remove it.”