Police are warning drug users in Lancashire about the dangers of a batch of high purity ecstasy in the county.

Officers have received information that the high strength drug known as ‘Punisher’ could be circulating in the Preston area.

The pill is said to be three times the strength of standard ecstasy.

Det Sgt Lee Richardson of Preston Police said: “We are looking into this following reports three people had suffered adverse effects after taking what they believe to be Punisher.

“Our advice would be for users to seek immediate medical attention if they notice any different symptoms or start to feel unwell.

“There is no safe way of taking drugs, and no way of knowing exactly what you are putting into your body and whether it is safe.”

For information about the dangers of taking drugs and their effects, please visit Talk to Frank at www.talktofrank.com.

Lancashire Constabulary takes a proactive response into tackling the issue of drugs in the county. We would urge people who have information about illegal drug related activity to come forward and contact us or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.