HUNDREDS of people packed the streets of Chorley for the town’s Walking Day.

Organisers have hailed the event a success as local church organisations from Coppull and Chorley and brass bands ensured there was a fun atmosphere on Saturday afternoon.

One of the organisers Ron Hunter said: “It was very warm and even though there were a few drops of rain it was not enough to affect anything and the weather was great for everyone.

“Everything went well and it was good to see so many people turning up.

“We could only arrange this one as you have to have transport managers in place and that costs money so we could not afford to do it for each church.

“There was a bit of a change as we went to St Mary’s Church via St Thomas Road and Devonshire Road.

“Next year we will be going back to St Georges Church as when we were making arrangements they did not have a vicar in place.”

St Laurence’s Church led the procession as it is the oldest one in Chorley then St Georges and then Coppull Parish and Coppull St Johns.

Ron said: “It was good to see the young people from the Boys Brigade, Brownies, Scouts walking and it was great to see the people marching.

“There was also a great crowd of people watching in the streets.

“I think this was the 130th year of the walking day parades and with so many people turning up you can see it going for a while yet.”

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