Aldi has launched a three-tier stand that's perfect for pizza lovers everywhere.

The budget supermarket has offered a solution to the age-old problem of having a small oven and a lot of pizzas to cook, just in time for summer parties.

The clever invention lets diners cook three pizzas at once.

Already sold out online, the Specialbuy product will be in stores for just £9.99 from June 9.

According to the website, the three-tier pizza tray and stand is "the perfect solution if you want to save your time and bake three pizzas at once."

It continues: "Perfect for families and entertaining guests, you will no longer have to juggle the shelves in your oven and move things around to get everything cooked at the same time."

The product already has Twitter users expressing their excitement about such a handy kitchen item.

Nathan Kendall said: “@AldiUK have got a three-tier pizza tray!! You can cook three pizzas at once!! IT’S THE FUTURE!!”

Stephen Farrell is already seeing how ambitious he could be with such a helpful addition to his kitchen, writing on the site: “My oven can already do three, but genuinely wondering if I could do four if I had one of these…”

The item is a Specialbuy product, meaning that it will only be available for a limited time.