Anyone who went to a rally or watched the build-up to this election needs to be under no illusion.

Some people knew exactly what Tommy Robinson stood for and this wasn’t a ‘protest’ vote.

We're papering over the problems in our society if we think like this.

Tommy Robinson whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon polled 2.2% of the overall vote (more than 38,000) in the North West as the Brexit Party gained the largest share with 31.2%.

It was a victory for the majority who rejected the overwhelmingly views of Robinson.

During his campaign he was repeatedly telling his followers that the mainstream media was ignoring issues and ‘no-one was listening’.

Issues, and these were his words, ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ were not being reported on enough.

It was a constant theme. But the fact is they have been reported on extensively and rightly so.

We would like to think people were misinformed in some way and that they had been hoodwinked into thinking that Robinson was saying things nobody else would. Here we are excusing prejudice.

With the world’s knowledge at our fingertips it is naive to suggest that they were not aware of what Robinson stood for and what he had said in the past.

I am sorry to say but some people liked what Tommy Robinson was saying about Muslims as it helped to normalise their own prejudices.

It was an outlet for some. These ideas are repeated on social media and in comments sections where people can vent their 'opinions'.

The louder you shout or the more shocking things you say - the more people will listen. It is very similar to the times when in the Muslim community we have individuals who will only listen to a particular interpretation of their own religion. Regardless of what you might say they will continue to hold those views.

To them integration and multiculturalism is something to be feared as it will eventually mean their ideals will be affected in some way. Is this really how insecure we are about our religion and way of life?

Unfortunately, some folk and thankfully they are only a few will try to justify their prejudice by propagating hate and mistrust.

The point is we can carry on down this route and I am sure there are people who would rightly want to or we can realise that all communities live under the same conditions and are faced with the same barriers.

The same issues are affecting families and younger people. The more this latter message gets out there the better.