A serious fire broke out at a house in Blackburn. 

The blaze, on East Park Road near Winston Road, is believed to have begun at about 10.30pm on Monday.

Chorley Citizen:

Dramatic footage of the blaze shows concerned neighbours watching on as firefighters rush into the burning property.

Neighbours told how two brothers rescued their disabled sisters and four-year-old sibling from the blaze

Chorley Citizen:

Crews from Preston were called in to help tackle the fire, which saw 30 to 35 firefighters bring it under control.

It is believed a family with five children live at the house. 

Neighbour Medina Patel said: "The family's children were at our house last night and we helped them as they were all shocked and scared after the fire. The eldest son jumped from the window. He's at Preston Hospital.

"It was a beautiful house. It's like a palace inside. The lady next door was so overwhelmed to see her roof on fire she fainted.

"There were so many people at our house last night and we had blankets out to make the girls feel better before the ambulance arrived. But after an hour we had to leave too. We went to my sister's."

Firefighters used a huge aerial platform to douse the blaze with water from above.

Chorley Citizen:

Crews were still fighting the fire at close to midnight.

Blackburn fire service tweeted at 3am to say the fire had been brought under control.

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Chorley Citizen:

Six fire engines were needed to tackle the blaze.

A fire service spokesman said: "White watch dealt with a large house fire tonight on East Park Road.

"Six appliances and aerial ladder platform needed to bring under control."

Chorley Citizen:

Watch manager Chris Archer, of Blackburn fire station, says one aerial ladder platform remains at the scene for damping-down purposes.

He also confirmed that a fire investigation team will be visiting the house later this morning in a bid to establish the cause of the blaze.

"It is not going to be habitable for some time," added Mr Archer.

Chorley Citizen:

Cllr Hussain Akhtar, for Shear Brow and Corporation Park, said: "I heard the fire engines, it's a two-minute walk from my house. I went there right away. 

"People were outside, all the neighbours. I asked one if anyone was inside and they said, no, they got out. 

"We are very sad about it. It was a very big fire. The fire service did such a good job, risking their own lives to save other people's lives.

"I want to say thank you to everyone. Everyone was there from about 10pm, for nearly eight hours. 

"They did their job so fantastically well. They came so quickly. They managed to put the fire out and we are so thankful everyone is safe. 

“We know the family is very sad and upset."

Chorley Citizen:

One neighbour said: "I was asleep but I heard a lot of screaming. There were loads of fire crews out and everyone was outside.

Another said: "We all know each other around here so we were all out comforting each other. I didn't see anything but the fire brigades out and smoke. All I heard was a bang."

One man said: "The father is a close friend of mine. I was so shocked I couldn't sleep. I don't think anyone did. It started iftar time and was going on till Sehri time.

"It was massive and there was an ambulance just outside my house. They have five kids and two of them were injured during the fire. I heard they were upstairs when it started. We are a close community so it was upsetting to see. There were lots of people screaming."

Lancashire Fire Service released a statement this morning: It reads: "Six fire engines from Blackburn, Hyndburn and Darwen, and an aerial ladder platform from Preston attended a house fire on East Park Avenue, Blackburn.

"Firefighters used four breathing apparatus and two hose reels to extinguish the fire. Firefighters are still at the scene on Tuesday morning where they are damping down and beginning the fire investigation. Paramedics were called to treat people who were inside the house."